This platform makes it incredibly easy for schools to raise money for a number of different needs they might have. From raising money for books, to asking donors to fund new desks and chairs for your classroom, this platform is build to allow you to create a campaign, share your progress with people in your life, and update donors on your campaign. Through this platform the amount will go directly to you, without deadlines, middle-men, or hidden costs, the raised funds will be entirely yours.

Schools that use this platform can raise funds for themselves for whatever cause they may deem important to their institution and its students. Whether the roof needs fixing, or the IT lab needs renovation, schools can use this platform to cover costs that their budge is not able to cover.

Thanks to our collaboration with Raiffeisen Bank, this platform employs the best cryptographic technology to ensure security of the transactions. The donations are kept safe until you decide to withdraw the funds, that will be delivered to the selected bank account through a SEPA Transfer.

Once your campaign gets launched, at any time you can request to withdraw the funds. The withdrawal does not modify in any way the amount raised. Simply click log into your account and click on withdraw to request the funds.

Yes. As most campaign usually look for funds to buy material such as books, laptops, desks and chairs, you can contact us to arrange the necessary step for your donation to reach the recipients. Simply click on the “Donate Material” section, and follow the instructions.

 No. This platform does not profit from any of the donations made to the campaigns. Every donation, in its entirety goes to the selected cause.

At the end of each campaign the schools will be asked to issue proof of payment onto the Campaign page, the schools are encouraged to to keep updating the Campaign page after the selected deadline to keep engaged the donors regarding the progress made ( E.g. they can post regarding having contacted a contractor for the roof, or that the purchased books will be delivered the following week).

Meeting your objective is not compulsory. If you don’t reach your funding goal you get to keep all the funds you have raised so far. If you raise more than your objective your campaign will keep collecting donations and your campaign page will say that you have reached your goal.

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